About us:

Alex has been a practicing CPA in California since 2018. He began his career at BDO USA LLP, an international CPA firm specializing in large business clients. For the past 10 years, his focus has been on small businesses and high-net-worth individual clients, operating from within and outside of the Golden State. Today, the firm is serving clients in a variety of industries, including:

  • Medical practices, dental clinics, psychiatrist offices, and more,
  • Attorneys and law offices, Real Estate investors, including flippers and renters,
  • Computer programmers and engineers, Musicians, composers, and entertainers, etc,
  • Film producers, writers, and authors, Advertising agencies, Photoshop professionals, video editors, etc,
  • Stockbrokers, accountants, bookkeepers, financial consultants, and business managers,
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency traders, miners, and consultants,
  • Retail and e-commerce stores, Amazon & Shopify Sellers, distributors & wholesalers, etc.

Today, we are proud to save our clients thousands in federal & state income taxes each year using various strategies and technologies accumulated through experience and developed internally.

In his free time, Alex enjoy playing piano, chess, hiking, and jogging at the beach.

California Accountancy Corporation License ID: 8815